It’s easy to say something is ‘life-changing, or ‘once in a lifetime, but how many experiences can truly fit into that category? If you swim with dolphins, yes, it’s amazing, but what’s to stop you from doing it again? Nothing! One experience which I believe is truly life-changing, and quite probably once in a lifetime is a road trip around Australia.

This is one experience that is so time-consuming and, quite frankly, all-consuming too, that you will probably only do it once, but the question is what will it leave you with?

A road trip around Australia will change your life, and here’s why.


This is the epitome of freedom; you, your friends, a car, and the horizon in front of you. Australia is huge, there are no barriers, nowhere you can’t go, and enough open spaces to allow you to breathe and just ‘be’. There aren’t many places in the world that are so vast that you probably won’t run into anyone else for a good stretch of time, so this is freedom with a capital F. There is an infinite choice, and you don’t have to conform to any particular tourist attraction if you don’t want to.

Time to think

Following on from the freedom vibe really, the time and space allow you to re-evaluate, whilst seeing amazing sights along the way. Australia is one of the most unspoiled and natural places on earth, and if you need a bit of time to figure things out, where better to do it?

Opens you up to new experiences

There aren’t many places in the world where you will experience stunning beaches, deserts, ski resorts, cities, mountains, and lush rainforests all within the space of one trip, but in Australia, this is the norm. The passing landscapes as you move throughout the country will blow your mind, and may just make you realize how big the world is, especially if you haven’t traveled much before.

Different cultures and a new way of life

Especially in the center of the country, you’ll experience a different culture, and the Aboriginal culture is certainly something you should explore and learn about. The laid-back way of life around the coastal areas may just make you want to throw the towel in on your life back home and relocate!

Meet new people

There are countless other people road-tripping and backpacking around Australia, so you have the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, and you never know, you might even meet your soul mate!

The experiences and sights you will see on your road trip will blow your mind, open you up to new experiences and cultures, and may even make you embark on a totally different life journey of your own.