Final Fantasy XIV is a popular MMO, and its mounts play a very important role in the game. Each mount represents the identity of the person who owns it. So, what mounts can players get? Let us take a look!

After players have completed the main scenario missions in the rebirth field of Final Fantasy XIV and the ultimate weapon missions, they will have the opportunity to have their own Magitek armor mounts, stomping their feet in a unique style. And after obtaining this mount, the player will also gain the ability to Buy FF14 Gil.

There is nothing better than flying around on a dragon's back. Players will get Midgardsormr after completing Final Fantasy XIV's Path to Heaven and completing the main scenario tasks. This is won through the heroism shown by the player in the game, so the mount feels more worthwhile than the mounts previously obtained.

After players complete Sigmascape V4.0 in Savage mode, a cute and fast Air Force mount will definitely drop. Players fly their fighter FFXIV Gil in the air, making them feel like a real sky commander. The entrance to this Stormblood raid can be found in The Yawn. A team of 8 must pass this level 70 raid.