Creating a build in “Path of Exile” is an interesting experience, but it seems very complicated. These tips will help make it look more approachable.

Compared with most ARPGs, “Path of Exile” provides players with a dazzling selection. Players need to view the passive tree spanning more than a thousand nodes, analyze the equipment that can be modified by making POE Currency, and consider the skill gem settings they have.

Most players follow build guidelines instead of spending countless nights to create builds. Although there is nothing wrong with this, creating a game in “Path of Exile” is a satisfying experience that allows players to truly explore the game’s system. Those who want to fall into the “Path of Exile” theoretical design crazy road should keep these ten tips in mind when developing the next version.

Before players spend dozens of hours on theoretical design, Path of Exile players should install Path of Construction. The Path of Exile website allows players to create skill trees for their characters, while Path of Construction allows players to create, adjust and share all aspects related to construction. I strongly recommend it to use the community branch version, because it is the latest version, can perform Impale DPS calculations, and can widely improve the quality of life. Those who are interested in their own architecture can download “Building a Community Crossroad” here.

A trap that many theoretical designers often encounter is planning to build around too many mechanics. Most of the construction guides in Path of Exile focus on one or two skills, a variety of ways to extend the effectiveness of these skills, and usually include some defensive layers.

Some players will mistakenly focus on the three ways of causing damage one or more times. For example, trying to expand physical damage in a building, piercing effect, bleeding, and increasing elemental conversion rate are difficult to achieve.

It can also apply this to the defensive layer. Another notable example is the use of mana as an offensive and defensive resource at the same time by POE Orbs and Archmage Auxiliary Gems. The fact is that players will need excellent mana maintenance capabilities, otherwise they will not have mana to use any mechanism. Focus on maximizing the mechanics to make damage and defense scaling easier.