Surely you have ever heard the word "Hacker" or "Computer Hacker" and that the most likely image that comes to mind when pronouncing this name is that of a person working on his computer late in the day. night stealing large amounts of money or accessing a private network of the highest level.

This representation that movies or series transmit has nothing to do with reality because hackers have been erroneously pigeonholed into a single community. However, there is a classification based on their intentions to be able to differentiate them, since computer hackers wear various types of hats. What types of hackers are there?

What is it and how do hackers act?

According to the RAE, a Hacker or Computer Hacker is a person with great skills in handling computers who investigates a computer system to warn of failures and develop improvement techniques. Hire a hacker facebook hackers for hire

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If this is the real definition, why is there such a bad reputation regarding hackers? In part, this unfair popularity comes because the movies have shown us a distorted view of hackers. Fortunately, not all hackers or hackers use their knowledge in the same way, so it is necessary to break down false myths and stereotypes that surround this group and that make a large part of society have a negative image of them. Do you want to know them?

What types of hackers are there?

The general classification is made up of three types: Black Hat, Gray Hat, and White Hat, but over the years the types have diversified to form a long list, the main ones being:

Black Hat or also called Cybercriminals. These hackers access unauthorized systems or networks in order to inflict damage, gain access to financial information, personal data, passwords, and introduce viruses. Within this classification there are two types: Crackers and Phreakers, the former modify software, create malware, crash servers, and infect networks, while the latter act in the field of telecommunications.

or the Gray Hats, their ethics depend on the moment and the place, they provide their services to intelligence agencies, large companies, or governments, they disclose useful information for a small price.

White Hat or Ethical Hackers are dedicated to investigating and report vulnerabilities or failures in security systems.

The Newbies do not have much experience or knowledge since they have just landed in the world of cybersecurity, they are the newbies of hacking.

Hacktivist has grown in number in recent years, they use its skills to attack a network for political purposes, one of the most representative examples would be Anonymous.

As you have read, the world of Cybersecurity is populated by multiple types of people, and not all of them have good intentions, the privacy of your personal data is compromised, that is why computer security is a pending issue for ordinary citizens and especially for all types of organizations, whether public or private.