PFF ranked Washington's starting tight end at No. PFF ranked Washington's start tight end at the number madden coins. 14 in their rankings this month of the top 32 tight ends of the NFL. Thomas clearly wants to be treated with more respect from Madden's ratings team.

Sweat was laughing when the question was asked to him. Sweat as did Thomas said that the new rating would be "definitely greater" than the Madden NFL 22 version. Sweat was not able to go public with the score he believed was rightfully his, but Logan Thomas' jersey number might seem like the right rating for him. 90 is the one he should be wearing.

The data suggests that Sweat was the most efficient DE in the Football Team in the 2020 season. He led the team in batted passes, hurries smashes, and sacks. He also returned an intercept for the Dallas Cowboys for a touchdown. PFF awarded him an 87.0 rating for run defense, and 77.5 for pass rush. Both grades were higher than Chase Young, the Defensive Rookie-of the-Year, who was on the other side of Washington's defensive lines. Montez Sweat could be smiling soon because the Madden Scouts recognized his talents.

Young wears No. 99, but he did not claim that as a meritorious Madden score, instead selecting Sweat's number cheap Mut 22 coins. Chase Young predicted "Ninety-or-more" and he did it with a humorous smile and shrugged his shoulders.