First, you must clearly create a mobile phone Carton, in general, the phone appears, mainly caused by the following four reasons.


NO.1 system reasons


The system is the fundamental of mobile phone operation, whether it is an IOS system, or an Android and other systems, the higher the system, the faster the mobile phone running process. The system of smartphones is constantly updated. Although it improves the smoothness and use of mobile phones, the operating system update iteration is faster, and it is easy to cause the phone model and the latest system version to not adapt, causing a certain degree of Carton.


The mobile phone has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that the file garbage is generated, and some mobile phone's junk documents are not clean, and it will affect the system's operation, so it is essential to clean up the junk documents regularly. At the same time, different mobile phone manufacturers are different, some brand mobile phones invest in research and development and hardware in optimization, will also affect the use of experience effects, often playing games, suggesting to buy a high-profile version of the phone.


NO.2 memory factor


Mobile phone memory and running memory is one of the important factors affecting mobile phones. The memory is large, running in memory. The data processing is faster, and the use of large mobile software can be supported. The smoothness is better, usually this type. The phone is also more expensive at the price.


In the process of using your mobile phone everyday, the application software, cache file, etc. will occupy a certain amount of memory. The phone memory is still retained to run the system. Once the storage space is full, there is no short space to run the system, and the case will naturally appear. Therefore, small friends can regularly clean up cache files, delete unopened app, and give their own mobile phones out of memory space.


No.3 CPU problem


The most important smartphone with excellent performance is its "core", which is the CPU, it is a "brain" running in the entire mobile phone. Although the CPU can save and handle a lot of things, there is also a certain reaction time as the human brain. Generally, the mobile phone is high, and the CPU is equipped, and the mobile phone's CPU will also have internal losses as the use of the time of use.


If you run multiple software at the same time, the CPU will always be in a high performance. Over time, the mobile phone is also prone to the slow response. Therefore, try not to run multiple apps at the same time.


No.4: Usage habits


Many times, personal use of mobile phones will also lead to carton phenomena. For example, when the network is unstable, the web page often does not load, if the individual frequently click, it will cause the phone to get more and more cards. For example, the wrong charging method, frequent cutting machine, etc., will also cause damage to the mobile phone, affecting the service life of the phone and the experience of using the mobile phone.


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