The world population stands at roughly 7.9 billion, and IoT devices stand at 21.5 billion. That means for every human soul, there are approximately 3 IoT devices out there. As per Pew research, now only 49% of the world population is leveraging IoT. 

IoT- the term was coined in 1999 but started gaining widespread popularity in 2010. It is among the top disruptive technologies that can change every significant & minor thing and activity. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network that connects objects to the internet and enables them to communicate with each other. It involves any device, such as a thermostat or refrigerator, that has an onboard computer and is capable of sending data over a network. This article will go through some of the most important ways IoT can help your business grow in the future!

But what exactly does this mean? How will IoT affect your business? And how can you make sure you prepare healthily? This guide to how the Internet of Things will impact your business will help you understand these questions and how IoT app development company in India can help you to build a robust IoT application!

Let’s start with the first things first.

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