In the fast-paced world, everyone does not have sufficient time to take their car to the mechanic and get it repaired. Also, car breakdowns might happen unexpectedly when people travel to some other places. In such circumstances, they have to search for mechanics and it is difficult to find the best mechanic at that moment. Thanks to the on-demand mechanic app that is designed to connect car owners with mechanics. 

The demand for such apps has increased, and the Uber for Mechanics app has become more popular. Therefore, this paves the way for entrepreneurs to develop a similar app like Uber for Mechanics and set foot into the on-demand mechanics service industry. 

Are you one of these entrepreneurs? If yes, you have to consider the following top-notch features to be incorporated into your app.  

  • Real-time tracking

This feature enables the customers to track the location of the mechanics upon confirming the service request. Additionally, customers can see the estimated time of arrival. If the need arises, customers can guide the mechanics to reach their location.  

  • Payment gateway

A secure payment gateway feature facilitates customers to pay the mechanics for availing of a particular service. Thus, it enables seamless transactions via available popular payment gateways integrated into the app. 

  • Multilingual and Multi-currency

If you plan to launch your app across the globe, make sure the language and currency should not be a barrier to your business. Hence, it is necessary to incorporate the Multilingual and multi-currency feature. 

  • Search filters

Once the customers register with the on-demand mechanic app, they can search for a service they need to avail from the available service list. Also, they can browse and select the best mechanics based on the work experience. They can even schedule the time according to their convenience. 

  • Fare estimation

Customers need to know a fare estimation before they avail of the service. Therefore, incorporating the Fare estimation feature will be beneficial.

  • In-app messaging

This feature will facilitate the communication between the car owners and mechanics. If required, they both can connect with each other via the app.  

  • In-app wallet

Uber for Mechanics has incorporated this feature as customers can make the transactions seamlessly. This payment method does not require card details every time they make payment upon availing of the service.  

  • Invoice generation

The mechanics app generates a detailed invoice once they complete the service and it can be shared with the car owners. 

  • Ratings & Reviews

This feature will allow the customers to give feedback and rate the service provider (mechanics) upon the completion of the service provided by the mechanics. On seeing these reviews and ratings by the customers, mechanics can improve the quality of the service. 

  • Sign up/social media login

Like the Uber for Mechanics app, the quick registration feature has to be incorporated into your on-demand mechanics service app. This will let the customers register with the app hassle-free. 

Final note

UberLikeApp being a trustworthy mobile app development company, offers Uber for Mechanics app development services. It is a good decision to implement your business ideas into reality with us.