2005 was a year of transformation for the New Jordan 2020. The Nike SB Blazer series has become a phenomenal shoe style and has been innovating. And the other branch shoes centered on the SB Dunk series are all changing. The success of Dunk shoes also implies that Nike SB Blazer, a popular shoe, also has a lot of room for development and potential. Next, let's take a look at the well-known shoes of the Nike SB Blazer series.
Nike SB Blazer Low GT “Green Gum” start from the traditional design to create skateboard shoes that meet the needs of modern skaters. The soft cushioning configuration is cleverly matched with a flexible sole to create an extraordinary touch and grip. The sole is made of high-quality mixed material rubber with Goodyear hand-made composite sole, which is firm and wear-resistant. The workmanship is exquisite and exquisite. The sole and upper are treated with contrasting colors. They look good and match well. The sole has good toughness and strong grip. .
Nike Blazer Mid Shanghai deconstructed stitch-removing high-top shoes with big hooks, a shoe that is worth pulling weeds, especially the contrasting color design of the upper and the post-modern deconstruction processing, full of high fashion aura, stylish and handsome without losing anything The aura. The upper is made of high-quality canvas material with contrasting color elements. It is stylish and handsome without losing any aura, stylish and handsome but without losing any aura. The design of the thick bottom and high-top is very effective, but it is handsome and eye-catching. Loss of masculine charm. I prefer to choose a pair of jeans and a simple jacket. The upper body is stylish and handsome, but without losing any aura, it can be explosive on the upper foot. It looks good and matches well.