How to Improve the Rural Economy to Be More Advanced The
solution to reduce the desire of rural communities to work abroad is to improve the rural economy. With government support, village economic improvement programs are needed. For this reason, here are some ways to improve the rural economy so that the village is more advanced.
Developing Community Business Products
Villages have natural resources and community resources that are still beautiful and have not been managed at all. For this reason, the community in the village can develop community business products so that the rural economy can increase. How to improve the rural economy can be done by focusing on one local commodity.
In addition to focusing on local commodities, people who are skilled in handicrafts can create employment opportunities for rural communities. With this, it seems unlikely that the village economy will decline. In fact, this will actually improve the rural economy and make the village known to the wider community.
Developing the Agricultural Sector
Fertile soil is the main capital for a more modern agricultural industry. If previously farmers were loosening the soil using a hoe, then the government could seek farmers using a tractor. Not only that, seeds and fertilizers must also be pursued by the government and be able to be managed properly.
Superior seeds can provide harvests several times a year, moreover, plus good and cheap fertilizers can improve the welfare of farmers. Not only the government must take part in developing agriculture, but also the community must be active. The goal is to increase the potential of the agricultural sector and increase the village economy.
Managing a Tourism
Village The village is a cool place to unwind because the nature and atmosphere in the village is still very cool. Several villages in Indonesia are currently starting to develop tourist villages because this has the potential to improve the rural economy. In addition, villagers who have not found work can find new jobs.
In managing a tourist village, the houses of the villagers must be ready to be used as homestays or places to stay. A tourist village must also be added with shops that sell the potential of the community around the village such as gift shops or craft shops. The goal is of course to improve the rural economy so that the village is not left behind.
Developing Fisheries Sector
The next way to develop the rural economy is to develop the fisheries sector. Rivers and oceans are the basic capital to develop the abundant and endless potential of the village. Therefore, there is no reason whatsoever that Indonesia is poor. If we have the will, anything can be used to make money.
The fisheries sector can be improved by modernizing the marine exploration sector. This is very necessary in developing the agricultural sector. In addition, the salt and seaweed industry is a potential that is neglected even though it has the potential to boost the village economy. Salt and seaweed can be sold at home and abroad.
Developing Sports Facilities
In a healthy body, of course, there is a strong soul. According to this term, one must exercise to keep the body healthy and fit. Not only city residents, villagers also have to exercise. To exercise can also be done in various ways, ranging from the easy way to the hard way can be done.
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Abandoned village land can be developed into a multifunctional sports facility that can be used by all villagers. If the village community is already active in sports, the village government can hold competitions between villages for each sport. This will certainly increase the unity and sportsmanship of the village community and the possibility of the village economy also increasing.
Managing the Marketing Sector Marketing
is something that can support the life of the rural economy. Access to transportation between villages must also be supported by the government and the government can build a people's market as a place for money and goods to circulate. This activity is something that needs to be socialized to the village community so that the rural economy can improve.
Villages have natural and human resources that are still untapped. The government must take part in developing the village economy so that rural communities are not left behind. Given the times that are increasingly advanced, villagers must innovate by trying to apply the ways to improve the rural economy above.