Why do people seek on-demand apps that provide multi-services in a single platform? How did an on-demand app like Gojek gain more popularity? These are a few questions that you must be having in your mind. Without further commotion, it is true that the superior feature provided by the Gojek app made it reach vast audiences. Let me explain it in a detailed manner.

Gojek is the no.1 multi service app in the online marketplace. The app provides the users with the doorstep delivery of multiple services. The users can avail this app for grocery delivery services, taxi services, home services and many more. This enhanced the growth in the number of users. What else is needed when an app benefits from a variety of services? Check out more to know its superior features and functionalities.

What is a Gojek Clone Script?

Gojek Clone script can be defined as the ready-made solutions offered by the app developing company. This helps you to launch an on-demand app right away without any further ado. Through these app developers your users can have bug-free solutions.

The app developers also fit the multiple services without affecting the storage problems for the users. It is built in such a way that it consumes very less storage and gives robust solutions for the users.

Superior Features Gojek App Clone

Corporate Rides - Our team built a Gojek like app for even the corporate rides. From your app you can make the office workers to efficiently book their rides. You can manage the fare according to the users. In this case you help the company goers to easily access your app.

VOIP based Call Masking - In your app you can make a way for secured conversations between the customers and drivers. With the call masking method this makes it efficient and gives more privacy for both of them.

Track Ride by Family/Friends - Through the live tracking system a user can track the locations of their friends and families. This gives a secured tracking when they use taxi services through the Gojek clone app.

Admin Rights & Roles - Our esteemed app developers provide a platform for the admin to monitor the app feasibly. The admins have all the rights to remove or add any services or brands into the app.

You can also integrate you with other features that will show a rapid growth of your on-demand multi-service apps. Few examples are listed below.


  • Advertisement Banners
  • Blacklist Fraud Partners
  • Shop/Stop/Eat while Riding
  • Real-time currency updates
  • Airport Charges
  • Child Seat Preference
  • Book ride for others
  • Newsletter Subscription


Winding Up

In brief, when you integrate the app with abundant features it is an eye catcher for your users. This will enrich the growth of your on-demand multi services app. You can hire an app developer at TurnkeyTown for instant reach to the target audiences.