For about 15 minutes I was in the room as WOW Classic TBC Gold the dude went through his entire set. Metallica, Nirvana, some other classic rock bands that I'm not able to name off from my head but we certainly heard on the radio. During that time I am taking a look at the crowd that gathering around him. What is that? The most sinister thing Lala ever witnessed. Oh and what is that? A M.Bison cosplay glamour. Wait are these people in the plaza, swaying in various poses to show off their glamour? What's that expression and where can I find it? What is the name for that adorable minion? Oh you get that from some quest? It's not possible!

The Incredible Hulk-like man gave a tutorial on crafting to a group of sprouts at the entrance to The Wench. Another bard was playing EDM-style nonsense on a Harp, with cats waving glow sticks.

I was surrounded by so lots of player-driven, made by players, and fan-favorite content. The people were not just stopping at Limsa to sell some things before heading off to their next grind to get pre-raid BiS or a rare mount. They were playing games with friends who also enjoy those activities.

For those who have only or mainly only played FFXIV. No I'm not making this up to get farm the karma. It's not happening in WoW. The closest thing to this that I have experienced during the past 6 years in WoW was to walk around one city, in a circle with 20 other players on the same mount. Cities are used for buy WOW TBC Gold selling auctions, waiting for players to join WoW. No one talks let alone presents concerts or gives crafting classes to players who are new. You'll never get a answer when you ask a player about a possible appearance for an item.