Winter is coming, and Cadysneaker believe many of you are already beginning to feel it. Just like we cover up our body, it only fits our feet and is just as warm. Fortunately, the Jordan brand is making this possible because they upgraded their contact with wool in the Air Jordan 1. This material, although it looks very light in its use, protrudes from under the flaps and laces of the ankle. Its light brown is a bit darker to complement the color of the leather. Elsewhere, tongue labels, Wings logos and gum bottoms provide many tones, while Swooshes completely deviate because they alternate in red, pink, blue, and Volanda.

There are a total of three different settings for Authentic LX, each of which is customized to resemble an older and more iconic work. One of the buildings is made of yellowed canvas and decorated with the word "USN" on the top,New Air Force 1 like a militarist site many years ago. Next, a green, red and white camouflage uniform occupies the upper level, setting up a colorful stage where the elderly, brand rivets and darning can perform. These three works consist of a more contrasting work, with solid panels alternating between different tones. In addition, Slip-On provides two distinct appearances. First of all, this classic carpet reflects the old carpet, and its entire appearance is embellished with a variety of vibrant silk threads. On the contrary, the olive herringbone twill and canvas are combined to once again pay tribute to the army. Style 24 LX is the only high-top shoe in this series. Dark washed denim, red arrow embroidery, and the aforementioned prominent small holes make the simple cap shape more interesting.

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Adidas EQT series, Sandaogang hired a partner for its "Equipment Needed for Life" series. Among them, the German Overkill boutique equipped Adidas EQT CSG 91 with pastels derived from the original Equipment series. New Release Yeezy ,The title of the original design was "Tribute." This pair of newly unveiled shoes combines elements of Adidas EQT pads, support and guidance from the early 1990s. (The forefoot and heel are behind the boot, and the midfoot is behind the cushion and support.) Therefore, the white and gray palette occupies most of the foundation of sports shoes. Contour 3-stripes and details on the rest of the textile and leather upper, as well as the outsole, immersed in vibrant green, pink and blue tones. Although it was not originally part of Adidas' decades of history series, the three-color series serves as a modern update of the EQT tradition. The trademarks on the tongue and heel are jointly assigned by two German institutions, and the shoe on the right has the Overkill trademark. Finally, the interchangeable lace dubraes boast the talent of the Adidas League and provide more popular colors and already bold styles