Another participant said that 2K22 MT the program was a success with "so many participants" that Rack and Raangee (another NBA 2K player) made an FAQ document that explains the process. P.TV has obtained a copy of a document in which Raangee claimed he was "just the person who has the chance to help people" while Rack, Calvin and another accomplice who does not appear to belong to the NBA 2K community dealt with the financial aspect of the plan. (P.TV could not reach Calvin and has decided to not publish his name.

Rangee says in the FAQ document in the FAQ document that "first foremost we'd like to make clear that what we're doing isn't at all illegal." The FAQ document was obtained from P.TV. Rangee states that if this was illegal it would be a sham. It's not worth the chance of me being in jail. Be aware that if it were a fraud, I and [Rack] wouldn't bother publishing our names to others. This community is very dear to me, and I've been spending a lot of time trying to make my name known."

In simple terms, the victims believed that if they gave Calvin an amount of money, Rack would pay them back at a high interest rate. Raangee would get a 25 percent cut as the fee for recruiting. In the FAQ, Rack usually sends a receipt that outlines the amount owed. The money is received in 7-14 business days because of the security of his bank.

"Most banks require five business days to transfer funds, however Rack's bank is slower." Initial people we spoke to Buy NBA 2K22 MT said they received promises of payment from Rack. However, after a while communication ended. Rack says that a lot of customers did not receive funds. They would offer excuses or deny victims' requests who tried to reach Rack regarding their funds.