It is recommended that parents start at the beginning of the month:

3-4 months old baby: At this time, the baby's salivary glands are more and more mature, and the secretion volume begins to increase, as well as to deal with the baby's overflowing milk and other problems.

Mom, the bib material you may need: strong water absorption, comfortable and skin-friendly, easy to clean and quick-dry, similar to towel cloth, 360-degree bib.

4-6 months old baby: this is the baby food supplement and teething stage, because the baby’s eating will stimulate the oral salivary glands to be active; while the teething baby will bite and bite and stimulate the salivary glands to become more sensitive because of the uncomfortable gums. .

Mom, the material of the bib you may need: it needs to be water-absorbent + waterproof, it is better to have the function of a tooth-fixing device and it is easy to be cleaned and easy to store. Similar to the functional bib, there is a tooth-fixing device for the baby to bite at any time.

Babies from 6-12 months: The baby's food supplement has been around for some time at this time, and the baby's swallowing ability will become more and more improved as the month ages. At this time, the baby will swallow saliva naturally, so this stage is the father When my mom is out of the ship, her non-stop saliva will improve.

Mom, the material of the bib you may need: water-absorbent + waterproof, multifunctional, easy to clean and easy to store, durable silicone material, easy to wear, solves the problem of feeding, cute appearance, similar to a detachable large groove bib .

Children aged 12-24 months: have entered the independent feeding stage, the saliva is gone, the baby is promoted to a child, the development of small muscles and fine movements gradually mature, and it is easier to eat by yourself.

Mom, you may need Children's bib material: you can find disposable bibs or clean and easy to store, light and thin materials, can be folded at will for easy carrying, similar to disposable bibs.

After two years of age is the day to officially release the bib. This is the best state; if you can't be in the best state, you may still be surrounded by the bib.

Organize the key points

  1. Good cleaning material
  2. Can pick up food
  3. Easy storage
  4. Adjustable size
  5. Material safety
  6. Lovely appearance (this is the last...)