For new startups, what are the best apps to launch in the year 2020? What technology will be popular then? What are the latest trends? To answer these questions, you can look at the data of today’s trending apps to get some ideas on the trends of the future app of the year 2020. This article lists some of the most trending apps in 2016-2017, which are likely to grow more popular in the future, along with some new and amazing app ideas that will most likely take off big in 2020 and beyond.

Fintech App

With finance becoming more accessible, lots of businesses are incorporating fintech into their application. Fintech is one of those it sectors that startups will find valuable to latch onto—as long as they’re not too early. Fintech software development are used by all types of companies with different requirements, so there is no shortage of growth opportunities here.

Taxi Booking App

Taxi booking apps have a number of benefits for both drivers and passengers. For one, it can eliminate or lessen competition between different service providers by increasing their visibility, increasing transaction speeds and increasing driver availability. In addition, taxi booking apps can be used by individuals who may not have a credit card or cash on hand to pay their fare. Finally, taxi booking apps allow passengers who are unfamiliar with an area to easily identify where they are going and get there safely.

Food delivery app

Chinese food is quite popular. Food delivery apps are used frequently by people who are too busy to cook their own meals, making it a good starting point. It’s also more of a necessity rather than a luxury. As long as you can find restaurants that deliver, there will be an audience for your product.

Banking App

Banking Apps are apps that provide customers with easy access to their bank accounts, transactions, and other banking-related functionalities. Banking apps let customers check balances, get transaction histories, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills and get information about new services available. Banking Apps are of two types: Bank-owned (Branch) Banking App and Mobile Internet (Mobile) Banking App. Branch banking is based on business banks while Mobile Internet Banking is available online without an internet connection.


This list gives a range of diverse and unique business idea that anyone can pick from, then run with. You may not have come across these exact business ideas before, but that is all part of what makes these so great. By being innovative and utilizing new technologies and approaches, you can ensure your success as an entrepreneur, which will lead to more happiness!                           

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