Since the introduction of dual joysticks, video game controllers have not changed much. The share button and NBA 2K21 MT adjustments have been increased, but the way you interact and experience the game is basically the same. This is what makes Sony's DualSense controller so interesting.

The DualSense introduced with the PlayStation 5 is a controller that looks fairly familiar on the surface. But this is also a tempting idea: the feeling in your hands can further immerse you in the game. The biggest innovation of DualSense is the new tactile vibration and variable tension rear trigger, which can complete everything from simulating walking on the beach to letting you know that your point guard is tired.

From the most basic point of view, the futuristic style of DualSense and the PS4 controller DualShock 4 are similar. Except for the sharing and option buttons, the layout is basically the same, the redesigned home screen button and slightly larger trigger and touchpad positions are different. . It has a built-in microphone and headphone jack, and there are some nice tissue clips on the back that can be charged via USB-C. With DualShock, your battery life is about the same; on average, I have to charge DualSense for every 7 or 8 hours of use. (If you buy a charging dock for $30, there is also a separate charging option.)

The controller now provides tactile feedback, similar to modern smartphones, which means it can generate more subtle vibrations to simulate the feeling of the real world. What followed are new types of triggers with variable tension, which means they can provide varying degrees of resistance when you press them.

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