Yeah, I'm not defending the Affixing or anything, it is complete crap. Do not worry about it, we're all on Animal Crossing Bells edge nowadays. I concur with you about the grinding thing as well.

Dm me if yall want any assistance, affixing aint that bad once you go through the process, figuring out and price optimizing a 100% recipe can actually be quite fun and gratifying sometimes, though there's always the option of RNGing it in case you're feeling lucky It took me probably a complete day of staring at guides, translating jp to affix names, playing the simulator etc.. Then the purchase price of learning affixing, I definitely took the long route a few times and paid the cost and so forth.

By having the affixing platform be a bastard it creates a market for gamers, you can use your ability and time to make money or you can pay somebody else to do it to you and I think that this is precisely the kind of thing an MMO requirements.

I feel bad for gamers that are going to need to learn how to affix when we begin getting untradeable equipment, iv never enjoyed untradeable equipment as a mechanic and some people are going to cheap Animal Crossing Items need to manage affixing while they do not want too.

Requires somebody with three characters four weeks of weekly arks missions to grind the meteta needed to perform a good affix on a single thing.

I don't understand. Even if you did nothing but operate Ultimate for a couple hours everyday you should quickly be making 50-100m a week from drops and performing inexpensive, in demand, affixes on desirable firearms. That is assuming you have market access.