SEO Tools are the devices that research the capability of site pages for higher rankings on search engine pages. They give data on keywords, backlinks just as rivalry on the internet. Maintaining the domain is a challenging task for SEO experts and webmasters. One should consider the following items:

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It is the process of determining the most common search terms that are
related to your website.


It should contain keywords to match the user’s queries. One should place the keywords in the descriptions or the tags of the content, titles for higher
rankings in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It should be interesting,
unique, catchy, and relevant for higher rankings in organic search results.
One can measure all the factors through Google Algorithms Analytics that
provide the best possible websites to internet users for their search.


Backlinks are the links to your site from another site that helps in achieving
higher ranking as it drives the high amount of traffic to your site from
another site. The more links your site has from another site, the higher will
be the rankings.


Search engines like Google, scan the URLs for keywords to know the
content is copied from which site. It is significant because it helps to gain huge traffic for the website.


They are designed in such a way to compare them to competitors’ websites. One should use keywords in titles, or meta-descriptions to keep search engine rankings high when compared to competitors. One should publish the content frequently with the backlinks to the site. It should be monitored, or updated constantly to drive higher traffic to the website.


Some tools measures how often visitors visit the site from both external, and internal sources. It also measures how visitors navigate the sites, where they came from, etc. It also shows the search of keywords by users to land on the domain.


SEO Tools analyze data from social media sites such as Instagram,
Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Google+, etc. It measures how often
the articles or blog pages are linked through social media, and how many
users access the sub-pages of a domain, or the blog. The trends in social
networks can be identified by looking for the search keywords by the users
with the help of tools like Hootsuite.



Most SEO tools get their data from the Google Keyword Planner. But,
answer the public is different as it finds 150+ keyword ideas in seconds. It
finds questions asked by people on blogs, social media, and forums and turns it into amazing keywords.


It is very helpful to Chrome extension as it gets a list of SEO
improvements in seconds
. It is helpful to get a detailed SEO checklist by
firstly, getting an overall SEO score then, the tool shows what EXACTLY is
needed to improve the site’s On-page and Off-page SEO. It helps to fix any
issues that come across.
Top Feature: “Marketing Checklist”


It helps to find older content on the site and improves and updates the old
content. Luckily, it helps to find which articles need the most attention on
your sites. It helps to know exactly how many visitors are visiting your piece of outdated content, and how much it is costing you.
Top Feature: “Traffic Loss since Peak”


It is a difficult tool and measures a super-detailed keyword. It does not
advise like it has low competition or it is competitive. Instead, it tells you
whether one can run the keywords or not. It gives suggestions that help to
rank for specific terms.


Google recently made a change to its algorithm called “Mobile-First
It means that if your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then
you’re in big trouble. One doesn’t need a full-time developer to make the
site user-friendly. It also tells whether Google considers your site as user-
friendly or not. It improves the site’s code. Google can index all the
resources on your site.
Top Feature: “Page Loading Issues”


Most keyword research tools first enter a seed keyword into the tool and
then, get a list of closely-related terms. But the problem is everyone uses the
same keywords to search into these tools. But it works differently and, it
asks your customers how they’d search for you online and, then type seed keywords into a research tool. It helps to quickly scan the search results and see its competitive level.
Top Feature: “Submit Query”


It uses the strategy of finding the keywords before getting into the
competition. It optimizes old content and bubbles up the trending topics. There are 2000 topics. It drills down to a specific category that is
important for your business.
Top Feature: “Categories”


It tells you about the problems of search engine optimization like slow
loading speed, sitemap problems, blocked pages, Technical SEO issues, etc.
It gives you a list of content-related SEO issues pages.


It is 100% free and possesses features that are only found in premium SEO
tools. First, type the keyword that one wants to rank for, and then, it gives you
detailed data on keyword difficulty, search volume, monthly, etc. It also
suggests a list of additional keywords based on the keyword one typed in. It
compares “X vs. Y” keywords.


Browseo is helpful to gain access to the webpage without any distractions. It is helpful to find out whether your description tag and title are user-friendly or not. It gets more organic clicks.


One can size up its biggest competitors as it provides a list of popular sites in your industry. It shows who recently tweeted about, or linked to your
Top Feature: “Mentions”


It is a rich-piece of SEO software and gets SEO help straight from Google. It
gives one a list of pages that aren’t indexed on your site. One can see how to
get things back on track.
Top Feature: “Index Coverage Report”


It checks SERPs across different locations and devices and helps to see how
the results will look for someone searching on a particular device side-by-
side from any part of the world.
Top Feature: “Compare Devices”


Google-like crawler generates a report of possible issues like JavaScript
rendering issues, HTTP header errors, crawl errors, bloated HTML, etc. One
can identify pages with duplicate content.
Top Feature: “Discover Duplicate Content”


The data like bounce rate, traffic sources, time on site, page speed, organic
traffic, etc tells one whether SEO efforts are paying off or not. It becomes
more powerful when combined with Google Search Console. One can find
like your organic CTR, type of keywords used by the people to find your
site, etc by linking Google Search Console account with Google Analytics.
Top Feature: “Integration of both GSC and GA”


To generate a list of “lateral” keyword ideas, it uses a proprietary algorithm.
It does not show keywords used by the people to find your site. One can
export keywords to CSV and upload it to another tool which gives you
monthly search volume.
Top Feature: “Keyword Export”


It is 100% free and the best SEO plugin on the market. It updates sitemap
automatically so one doesn’t have to tinker sitemap every time while adding a new page to your site. It helps SEO to crawl, index, and find all the pages on your site.


As it is important to know which websites have been affected by Google updates in the past then this is where Panguin tool is useful. It makes it easy to zero-in on a specific update.
Top Feature: “Switch Updates On/Off”


It shows the common terms on a page and grabs your competitor’s keywords. It shows the best ratio of search volume and competition.
Top Feature: “Opportunity”


It is 100% free and adds a list of keywords to the specific pages on your site.

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