If you are planning to build your website, at some point in time you will need the services of a front-end developer. When choosing this member of your team, remember that the end result of their work will be part of your business's image and reputation, so it is essential to find someone who really knows what they're doing and who works efficiently and productively. Here is some Top Secrets of Hiring the Best Indian Front-end Developer-Why & How? These are things to keep in mind when finding the best candidate to hire as your front-end developer.


What you should expect from your Front-End Developer

Your Front-End developer will be responsible for implementing new features and fixing bugs in your website. He should possess impeccable coding skills, be able to meet deadlines, and must be up to date with HTML5/CSS3 standards. If you’re planning on expanding your business internationally, it’s also important that he is familiar with internationalization. Finally, he should have strong communication skills so that you can work well together. So how do you go about finding a competent individual? Here are some useful tips that will help get you started


Key Responsibilities

It is critical that your lead developer be able to communicate well. Not only does he or she need to speak English, but he or she also must be articulate and know how to convey technical concepts in a way that regular people can understand. If you’re looking at hiring a freelance front-end developer, ask about his or her experience and ratings with clients and references. Make sure your front-end developer has done work for other businesses similar to yours so you can see his or her approach first hand. You should also hire someone who will keep up with all new technologies as they develop—your business will always be adapting and moving forward, so it’s important that whoever is leading your development team keeps pace as well.


Skills Required

a front-end developer should be well versed in CSS3 and HTML5. They need to understand cross browser compatibility issues and ways to solve them. You can also look for a front end developer who has excellent User Interface skills. Besides you can find a talented UI designer with good UX/UI skills which will result in high conversion rates from your visitors. Therefore you have to look for a person who will have expertise in wire framing, user testing, prototype, UI design & implementation, interactive solutions etc .


Myths Busted!

Most Indian developers are not costly as compared to their US and European counterparts. Hence, finding a good developer in India is an easy task, provided you know where to look for and what to look for. Here we try and bust some myths about hiring programmers in India: Myth #1: The best Indian programmers work at Infosys and TCS: This can be true but can also be wrong! Many reputed companies do hire good programmers but there are also plenty of companies that rely on freelancers, small development firms or one-man teams. You just need to search for them with a keen eye. What qualities should you look for?: Expertise – No matter how much time it takes, find someone who knows his/her job well enough.



Any of these qualities will help you hire front-end developer, but remember that quality is more important than quantity. Whatever you do, though, don’t get tied up in a lengthy interview process. The best candidates have multiple job offers—so they aren’t going to waste their time on an employer who is going to drag their feet. At some point, you need to make a decision and move forward with your new developer before another opportunity comes along.