The advantage of a Power Drive Chain is that it can transport a variety of items. Generally, non-corrosive items can be transported by conveyor chains, some chains have been specially treated, and those corrosive items can also be transported. Below, the selection requirements of the Power Drive Chain:

  1. Confirm the conditions of use. When using the chain, the applicable temperature, speed, environment and other adverse effects of the two-speed chain must be evaluated so that we can choose the appropriate chain.
  2. Determine the chain. When choosing the chain we want to use, we must also calculate the weight of the conveyed material per meter, select the chain, and select the allowable load weight, the weight of the conveyed material per meter, and the weight of the workpiece and the workpiece. The weight of the pallet.
  3. In order to determine the allowable tension, we must consider the tension acting on the chain, the length of the conveying part, the length of the stagnant part, and the weight of the conveyed material including the conveying part.