Interior painting service in Dubai transforms your home into a home. We have the fastest and most effective ways to personalize your living space with colour. Whatever your style, theme or colour combination, we can handle any job professionally and make your space just as you imagined it. Fixit design has more than a dozen professional painters to handle your residential painting job properly. Our well-trained and EPA-approved professionals will come to you with one phone call, even on weekends at no extra cost. We also offer you a personalized schedule for your interior painting service in Dubai - evening, early morning or night, so that you can perform your interior house painting work without interrupting your regular workflow.

Painting Service

Exterior painting services in Dubai give a home or business a smart look; Fixit Design is a trusted source in providing quality and cost-effective commercial painting services in Dubai. Fixit Design has been providing custom painting solutions since 2014. Our painting services include house painting, wall covering, cabinet painting, roof protection and additional flat painting services in Dubai. Our well-trained painters in Dubai aim to elegantly update and refresh your space. They specialize in selecting the right gloss, matte finish and shade to give you a stunning look with style. Feel free to choose us for exterior painting services in Dubai, we will add colour to your life.


Home Effective Company

Just as Fixit Design effectively accompanies your home improvement needs, we'll perfectly carry out all your commercial painting work in Dubai. Fixit Design offers comprehensive painting services at affordable prices. We have versatile skills, and our professional painters will help you from the start to enhance the beautiful appearance, protect you from nature, and increase the market value of your property. We are the right industrial painting contractors to accompany your small and large scale painting work, be it painting a hotel, restaurant, school or hospital; Fixit Design commercial painting services Dubai effectively provide excellent quality work from estimate planning to completion, leaving no mess behind.


Whether you want to add a weatherproof coating to your exterior or need a full house interior painting service, Fixit Design is the best residential painting service provider in UAE. Fixit Design will renovate your home like its own, we will paint every part of your home with perfection to give it a blooming look. Whether you need to paint cabinets, patio grills, waterproof roofing or any other painting job; Fixit Design can easily handle any painting job in any weather conditions. We employ efficient, EPA-approved professionals who have a great sense of colour and style to give your home a unique look.