stainless steel lock installation question and answer collection
  Q: Since the fingerprint lock is an electronic door lock, why use a mechanical lock cylinder? Is it safe?

   It is very necessary to install a mechanical lock cylinder for fingerprint locks, which is considered from a safety perspective. The dual protection of fingerprint lock and mechanical lock forms a more secure defense system. Even if the electronic part fails in an emergency, the mechanical lock cylinder can still provide the strongest protection. For example: the fingerprint lock can no longer be opened by the circuit principle under the destruction of strong external force, we can open it with a mechanical key. In this case, it is safer and more reliable to have a mechanical key.

  Q: There is already a mechanical lock at home, if I change the fingerprint lock, do I need to change the door again?

   Generally, there is no need to change the door, and most of them can be changed directly. It's just that some doors need to be punched again. (Mainly because: the original hole positions are not in line with our current needs).

  Q: As the fingerprint lock is often used by touching it with fingers, will the surface of the fingerprint collector be damaged due to wear and tear within a few years?

  The surface of the fingerprint collector is generally made of special tempered glass material, and the surface is treated with nano-coating, which is very wear-resistant and has a planned service life of more than 30,000 times. Even if it is used ten times a day, it can be used for ten years. This piece of tempered glass with a special appearance is generally made of a triangular prism (not a mirror) with a thickness of 15mm. It has a certain resistance to damage, and usually children can withstand the wear and tear of playing~

  Q: The fingerprint lock is a smart product, what should I do if I can’t operate it?

  Most fingerprint locks have a full voice prompt function, just follow the prompts. Professional installers will teach you to use the fingerprint lock for the first time after installing the fingerprint lock for you, and provide detailed instructions. It can be easily used by both the elderly and children.

  Q: Why does the fingerprint lock not use the remote control function?

  The remote control device transmits signals to the motor through coding and decoding methods to complete the opening function. Nowadays, the computer skills are very developed, and now many professional thieves have learned some relevant decoding techniques (the thieves are not terrible, but the thieves are literate~~) So the standard configuration of the fingerprint lock usually does not have the remote control function.

  Q: Does the quality of the fingerprint lock depend on the fingerprint reading speed?

   The reading speed of the fingerprint collector is generally controlled at about 1 second, which is relatively normal, does not affect the user's experience, and does not cause essential inconvenience. Therefore, we cannot simply judge the quality of the fingerprint lock from the reading speed of the fingerprint lock.

  Q: Does a scratched finger affect fingerprint recognition?

Now, many fingerprint readers of keyed alike padlock manufacturers will use automatic AGC circuit in the process of identification, with a certain fingerprint authentication automatic repair function, if it is a slight scratch, the door can be opened; but if the finger is injured It may not work very seriously. The fingerprint lock can add multiple users, so you can add a few spare fingerprints, or open it by unlocking methods such as passwords or swiping cards.