Big Size Freezer is a kind of refrigeration equipment that keeps a constant low temperature, and it is also a kind of storage box that can keep food or other items at a constant low temperature.

Working principle of large refrigerator

Compression refrigerator: The mechanical energy provided by the motor is used to perform work on the refrigeration system through the compressor. The refrigeration system is made by the principle of absorbing heat when evaporating and vaporizing a refrigerant with a low boiling point. Its advantages are long life and convenient use.

Absorption refrigerator: Use heat source as working power. Use the mixed solution of ammonia, water and hydrogen to achieve the purpose of refrigeration in the process of continuous absorption and diffusion. The disadvantages are low efficiency and slow cooling. Now it has been gradually eliminated by the market.

Semiconductor refrigerator: Use the principle of PN-type semiconductors, which are connected with direct current, and then produce a Peltier effect on the nodes, so as to realize the cooling effect on food.

Chemical refrigerator: When some chemical substances are dissolved in water, they absorb heat strongly and obtain a cooling effect.

Solar Refrigerator: Use solar energy as cooling energy.

Of course, large refrigerators also include some Top Open Door Freezers or other refrigerators with a larger area, but they are collectively referred to as large refrigerators.