After more than a year of Invasion, EVE Online will enter a new chapter. Today, the Iceland studio announced that Invasion Chjapter 3 has officially started. This invasion is based on the storyline and is the climax of the past year. The Caroline Star and other events in 2014 can prove this point. Starting today, after Triglavian invades New Eden, players can see the mysterious Triglavian collective.

The Scope, the game news agency of New Eden, released a video detailing some incidents of the EVE Echoes ISK next stage of the invasion into a known space.

Players will enter the conflict between EDENCOM and Triglavian forces, which is the climax of the whole game. Players can make their own choices against Triglavian against the four main empires and EDENCOM or join the collective. Their conflict is based on the capsule game console.

The EVE Echoes ISK For Sale new structure of EVE Online can also be seen in New Eden, becoming an important role in the development of the story. The consequences of invading the storyline will have a profound impact on players this year. Therefore, players must choose carefully whether to stand beside the new invaders or resist.

On May 26, the release of "Forgotten Fortress" brought great advantages. The capsule producer can look forward to the improvement of the game mechanics of player construction. In the face of the upcoming invasion, how the Capsule Man will handle it is what we need to examine. Whether they stand with the existing empire and EDENCOM, or choose to join Triglavians. But in any case, EVE's one-year invasion and expansion will have a good conclusion.

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