The most favourable property of scots pine is its pleasing odour. It is natural, fresh and pleasant. The exhilarating smell of pine alongside its refreshing properties increases it’s entice to be used in purifying air sprays. The odour properties that are preserved in pine essential oil makes the unpleasant smell, fresh. The clarifying, uplifting and invigorating effect of scots pine helps distresses the mind, energies the mood, eliminates fatigue, enhances concentration and promotes a positive outlook.

A spritz of scots pine benefits the indoor environment. It helps to get rid of stale odours and harmful airborne bacteria. Scots pine deodorizes and freshens up the room with the crisp, fresh, warm and comforting aroma. It also helps in reducing seasonal allergies like nasal/ sinus congestion that leads to hay fever. It helps to unclog the nostrils and get relief from not only hay fever but also cold.

The amazing herb doesn’t let you feel fatigued or losing focus or feeling super-stressed. Spiky pine has a way of energizing you and your mood while calming your stress at the same time. You will feel not only revitalized but also less anxious thereby reducing tension. It may make you feel instantly happier.