For many business owners, running a company comes naturally, but when it comes to overseeing the operations of software development teams, they have to rely on the people in charge of that department. If these professionals don’t work out or if they leave the company for another opportunity, then the entire project will likely go down with them, wasting months (or even years) of work and effort.

To avoid this unfortunate fate, follow these five tips to upscale your business management style by tracking your team’s performance with workforce management software and developer’s time tracking tools.

1) Time Tracking

Make sure your company is managing its time well by using developer’s time tracking software. Time tracking lets you not only know how long each team member spends on each task, but also tracks other information like productivity and activity levels. Use a developer’s time tracking tool like Workstatus to help organize tasks and assign work accordingly. Software Development Tracking: Keep tabs on projects as they progress with software development tracking software. By using developers’ time tracking tools like Workstatus, companies can make sure that their project management efforts are always up-to-date and available for access at any given moment. Workforce Management Software: Take control of your workforce by implementing workforce management software into your company processes.

2) Daily Task Scheduling

The first step in upscaling your business management style is creating a daily task schedule for yourself. This will help you see your goals clearly. If you’re an employee, it is vital that you remain focused on your tasks at hand, so write out what needs to be done every day and stick with it! Even if you don’t think things are getting done well enough, stick with it. It may take some time to get used to but once you do, everything will run smoother than ever before. A great scheduling method can make all of these details easier to handle and make sure everything gets accomplished without too much hassle or confusion. With such professional development software, one can easily create projects right from within their interface and even place them into different categories for easier sorting later on down the road.

3) Employee Confirmation

Every business needs to take care of its interests, but not all companies are aware of how they can upscale their management. When it comes to running a company, prioritizing is key. Many entrepreneurs get caught up in trying to get too much done at once, thus missing deadlines and letting important tasks fall through the cracks. Prioritizing your daily tasks will make you more productive overall by taking care of smaller things first so that they don’t end up becoming larger issues that take extra time to fix later on. Remember, there is always going to be an endless list of to dos – use your energy wisely! For many software development companies , there isn’t enough time during work hours for developers to accomplish everything that needs doing, which means that managers need additional systems for monitoring employee progress as well as tracking hours spent on specific projects.

4) Daily Confirmation Emails

Workforce management software can help a company prioritize their daily tasks. When a team knows what needs to be done, and when it needs to be completed, their productivity will increase. Workforce management software can make sure that employees are doing what they need to do when they should be doing it. Whether it’s using time tracking software or other workforce management tools, prioritizing daily tasks is an effective way for managers and teams improve their business operations.

5) Prioritize Daily Tasks

To make sure that your company is reaching its potential, it’s important to use every second wisely. Make a list of all of your daily tasks and rank them by their importance. If you follow through with these tasks and skip everything else, you’ll be able to develop faster and reach your business goals faster than if you didn’t prioritize at all. You can take charge of your schedule by prioritizing what needs to get done first each day so you can do well in multiple areas instead of one.


If you are serious about running a professional business, it is important that you know what resources are available to help your company grow. As you have read in today’s post, tracking software has come a long way over time. From just being used for billing purposes, businesses are now using it for workforce management and more. If your business wants to take their work seriously, they need reliable time tracking software on hand so they can keep track of how employees are spending their time while performing certain tasks.

SOURCE: Pro Tips: 5 Pointers to upscale Business Management like a Pro