Now there is only one day left before the event on October 15th, and everyone is very excited. Do you buy Animal Crossing Bells For Sale for the new update? In addition, fans are looking forward to seeing some other major features added to the game. Among them, there are rumors that Gyroids will be added in the new update. Whether it's true or not, we can first understand some things about Gyroids.

1. What are the Gyroids in the Animal Crossing franchise?
The Gyroids are a collection of furniture items that players can obtain in Animal Crossing world. These clay figures have different aesthetics and unique sound effects. By putting two of them together, players can make a certain location on their island come alive. Just like the fossils in the series, fans can find these Gyroids at dig sites on their islands. However, they can only pull them out of the ground the day after it rains. In addition, they will only spawn in open areas far away from buildings.

In the course of the five Animal Crossing games, players have seen as many as 40 different Gyroids families. There may be 1 to 6 statuettes per family, for a total of 130 Gyroids. Most players collect these figurines as decorations for their houses. When activated, they will rotate to produce beautiful sounds that change the atmosphere of the room. Players can also change the pitch and rhythm to create their favorite music.

2. How to get them in New Horizons? 
Everyone knows Brewster's love for coffee. However, few people talk about his admiration for Gyroids. He even collected small figurines called Brewstoids. Therefore, it is likely that Brewster's November update will also include these figurines. However, fans don't quite understand how they get them in New Horizons.

Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons emphasizes production, players have the opportunity to use clay or other items to make them. Many people suggest that developers will follow the old-fashioned route, including digging them out after the rain. New data mining information indicates that there will be more rainfall in the Islands, which seems very likely.

Finally, it is still uncertain whether Gyroids will reach the player's island soon. But, they are likely to be added, if developers add, then players may have a lot of digging participation. Let us wait for the final result quietly now, and this is the best time to buy ACNH Bells on ACItems.