In the original lineup, Air Jordan 3 can be said to be the closest to its roots and rarely deviates from the absurd. Even with the newly released "Pine Green", the situation is still the case, and its color scheme is slightly different from past products. As usual, the nominal color was used as an accent, filling in every part of the midsole, perforated collar and Jumpman logo, except for its gilded outline. Elsewhere, neutral colors help create a familiar environment, and black occupies most of the shoes. It almost completely decorates the upper and laces and heels, while highlighting the cracks of the elephant print all over the toes and counter. More importantly, the "cement gray" of the latter background also appears on the lining, eye support, tongue and outsole.
Since its debut 31 years ago, the Nike Air Max 90 has been a frequent customer of the brand's products. However, in the past two years, the model can be said to be busier than ever. Until the start of 2022, this sneaker will continue to appear in non-original but eye-catching styles. For its latest claim, Air Max III (as it was originally named) is obsessed with the primary white and black color schemes exclusively for children. The lower part (from the fender to the outsole) adopts a "colorless" tone, and the Air Max unit at the heel blends with the surrounding environment. In the picture above, the synthetic leather from the toe to the heel and the TPU components form a sharp black contrast. However, the contour whirlwind and tongue also gave up the white makeup of the sole unit, but a more vivid arrangement. Shiny silver and pink replace the brand identity of the above components, and the non-standard double pull ring on the top of the tongue incorporates blue, gold and burgundy.
Nike Air Force 1 High is designed specifically for basketball, but has gradually become a way of life in the past 39 years. Although hundreds of special collaborations and modifications have demonstrated the model's prestige in casual wear, its winter-friendly Utility variant brings this home. At first glance, this new pair of shoes is similar to the high-top version of the impressive all-black Air Force 1. However, a closer look will reveal that Bruce Kilgore's 1982 original design has been updated. First, the tumbling leather constitutes the entire upper of the sneaker, and the suede and canvas blend into the heel panel and the locking strap around the ankle. The sports-style accessories around the shoe collar have been redesigned to have a "combat" aesthetic, with a more barebones structure and sturdy hardware. Under the foot, the sole unit adopts the color combination of "black" and "glue red-brown", and the midsole and outsole components adopt a more protective and sturdy structure than normal. The tread pattern and length are expected to improve grip in harsh weather conditions.
The Nike SB Dunk was released on July 1, 2020; this low-top version uses the original St. John's University color scheme in the original Be True series in 1985, and is the most coveted modern Dunk replica​​ One of the editions, won the highest price for its nostalgic notes. Although not surprising, Nike plans to bring this memorable OG back in its original form as an official picture of the upper, albeit in elementary school sizes. This upcoming shoe model has a classic two-tone appearance, with university red on the outer layer, outsole and inner lining, and a clean white as the sole. So far, Dunk Highs has not been as popular in the aftermarket as Low similar products, but compared with similar products, we can see that these products have gained more demand.