Everyone knows this when you buy it, so why should you buy a good refrigerator? Few people have thought about this issue before.

In the actual situation, there are also some customers who choose a bad refrigerator because the price of a good refrigerator is relatively high. So what is the best refrigerated cabinet? Is it better to have a bad refrigerator? Let us analyze from several aspects below, and we can know why we should buy a good refrigerator.

To understand the characteristics of good refrigerators, we can consider the other way around. Talk about the characteristics of bad refrigerators and make a comparison. It will be obvious. So what are the manifestations of bad refrigerators?

First, the cooling power is small. The matched unit power is about 30% to 40% smaller. Usually 1.0 cubic refrigerated cabinet is matched with 1/2HP compressor, while the compressor equipped with low-priced refrigerated cabinet is 1/3 or 3/8HP.

Secondly, the refrigeration temperature is high. The working temperature signs are chaotic, and some are marked at 0 degrees. The user actually reports that the temperature of the refrigerator in summer is between 8 degrees and 12 degrees. This brings safety hazards to food preservation that requires a constant low temperature environment.

The third cooling speed is slow. Because the compressor power of these low-cost refrigerated cabinets is small, the condenser area, condenser fan power and air volume, and evaporator area that match the system are reduced accordingly. That is to say, the cooling capacity is small, so the cooling speed is slow. If the refrigerator is only used in winter, spring, and autumn, or only used in the northern region, it can be so-so.

On the contrary, the temperature of the refrigerator will not be lowered due to the high temperature during the day and night in the summer, or because of the large amount of food loaded, and the large food turnover, and the hygiene and safety of the stored food will not be guaranteed.

The above is performance-related, so is there anything other than performance for bad refrigerators? Of course there is, such as service life and later expenditures can be known. The service life of the refrigerated cabinet: From the structural point of view, the inferior low-cost refrigerated cabinet has no integral steel frame. The door frame is assembled after the cabinet body is foamed, and such a refrigerated cabinet cannot withstand multiple moves. The door frame will fall off within a few years and is difficult to repair.

From the material point of view, the choice of low-quality and low-cost refrigerator cabinets is the cheapest material. Stainless steel is replaced by stainless iron or aluminum plate, copper pipe is replaced by aluminum pipe or composite steel pipe, and ABS engineering plastic is replaced by ordinary plastic. After the material of the refrigerator is so thick and thin, and the copper becomes iron, its performance and service life are shortened, which is reasonable.

Expenses for later use: Although inferior refrigerated cabinets have saved some money when purchased, they continue to spend more money in long-term use. First of all, because the refrigerated cabinet has been used continuously for many years, the electricity bill is not a small amount. In terms of the performance of the refrigerator, the power consumption is mainly reflected in the thermal insulation performance. Knowing this, can you understand why you should choose a good refrigerator? So where can I buy a good refrigerator? Ningbo Bailing refrigerated cabinet can provide all-round one-stop service.

The above is what the refrigerator manufacturers share today about why they should buy a good refrigerator. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have more knowledge about refrigerated cabinets, please contact us in time: China Refrigerator Manufacturers.