If you're canada work permit consultants in dubai and have been residing in Dubai, then this article is for you. Knowing these 8 secrets will make your look amazing when your best Canada Pnp visa consultants in Dubai go in front of a judge to submit your appeal.

Do not, in any way, mention why you want to come back to Canada because the court officials already know it too well. The fact that they have rejected your application can be a solid reason enough for them to reject your appeal as well.

Canada has strict laws which allow only those applicants who are fulfilling the criteria given by Canadian law authorities under PNP- In such cases where an applicant's file is incomplete or poorly documented, it is still possible for the visa office to put forward arguments on behalf of

the applicant.

A poorly documented PNP application will increase your chance of being refused under judicial review by almost 100%. This can be avoided if you work with Canada best Pnp visa consultants in Dubai.

Do not mention anything about your pending criminal charges because it may result in deportation back to your home country. As Canada does not extradite its citizens, you should know that the court is not allowing people who are currently facing criminal charges.

Show that you went on leave immediately after learning about the rejection notice and that you were out of Canada for at least 1 month before coming back to fight for yourself (this is why one must apply through the new O24 rule). Knowing this fact, Pakistan canada atlantic immigration pilot program