The multi-billion-dollar industry of gaming apps has become more realistic and technologically advanced in recent times. The increase in the level of interaction and engagement has resulted in a high-end gaming experience. This has further promoted the usage of inbuilt voice communication channels through which people play and interact, offering an enormous inflow of revenue. For example – Gamers in PUBG prefer voice chat to communicate than to type messages on a keyboard, which can be very time-consuming.

Here Are the Top 10 In-App Voice Chat APIs & SDKs For Gaming Apps

1. CONTUS MirrorFly Voice Call API
2. Twilio Voice API
3. Plivo Voice API
4. Enablex Voice API
5. Sendbird Voice API
6. Vonage Voice API
7. Sinch Voice API
8. Messagebird Voice API
9. Agora Voice API
10. Pubnub Voice API

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