Will the movie "Detective Pikachu" released today make you go back to your childhood in seconds, enter the world full of Pokémon, and embark on the journey of becoming a Pokémon master with Xiaozhi?


The creativity of this movie comes from the work "Pokemon" that can be said to have influenced the animation and game industry around the world. The protagonist is the famous and beloved Pikachu.Pokemon Pikachu Shoes


However, this time Pikachu’s partner is not Xiaozhi, who we were familiar with when he was young, but has become a big American boy, Tim Goodman (the reason should be that the movie was made in Hollywood). In order to find the missing father, Tim and Pikachu embarked on an adventure together, and accidentally discovered a terrifying conspiracy that could destroy the entire Pokémon universe.

So the movie is still a magical world with various Pokémon creatures.