Agatsuma Zenitsu
Breathing Genre: Breath of Thunder
At the age of 16, Tanjiro was a swordsman of the ghost killing team in the same period. Demon Slayer Trainers UK
Negative timid boy, one of the heirs of Thunder's Breath. Only mastered the breath of thunder and the type of one (a total of 6 moves). He has no confidence in his strength as a swordsman, and when he is nervous to the limit, he will fall asleep and enter a semi-awake state, exerting his original strength. He has an extraordinary sense of hearing, can read human emotions from sounds, and can distinguish between humans and ghosts.
I am quite fascinated by girls, and even fall in love with Nidouzi, who is a ghost; but because he is always too entangled, he is often disgusted by girls. Usually cowardly and selfish, he asks people around him to protect himself, but in times of crisis he will take the initiative to protect the important things of children and friends. He is a gentle and good person. Demon Slayer Shoes
After the decisive battle in Infinite City began, he confronted the senior brother Sudake who became a ghost and became a winding. He was beheaded by the self-created Seven-type Fire Thunder God, and then fell into a coma but was rescued by Yushiro.