All kinds of infrastructure projects in the country need to be stationed on the construction site for a long time. The person in charge of the project needs to provide temporary housing for rest; the logistics personnel who often carry out construction also need to provide temporary dormitories; and those in other industries who need to be stationed abroad for a long time. All need to provide accommodation. Then, the container house is a good choice.

The container house is not only warm in winter and cool in summer for basic accommodation needs, but also can be loaded, unloaded and reloaded many times. If it is used for container houses on the construction site, they can continue to be used when the project needs to be moved to other places, which saves money A certain cost. So, what should be paid attention to when constructing container house?

First of all, the construction personnel need to be familiar with the design drawings of the container house, carefully review the layout of the house color steel plates and the node requirements, and appear in the form of auxiliary materials such as the size and layout of the color steel plate partition doors and windows; next, according to the structure of the house The wall panels and ceilings are installed in sequence, and the manufacturer fully considers the gaps between the doors, windows and slots of the container based on production experience.

After completing the various preparatory work, the container house needs to be installed. Pay attention to safety during installation. PTH container house manufacturers is a manufacturer specializing in the production of containers and various sandwich panels. Welcome to visit and purchase.