neotech crypto

NeoTech, a new Romanian cryptocurrency start-up, has at the end of last week just launched its digital platform onto the market. Through this technological infrastructure, it grants investors access to the opportunity to accumulate its proprietary virtual currency (NEOT ticker symbol), within the pre-sales phase.


The smart contract is developed natively on the Binance Smart Chain, and by means of bridging NeoTech plans to immediately integrate with other blockchain infrastructures. The starting price is set at USD 0.25 until November 10th and will be soon adjusted to USD 0.50 during the second pre-sales month. In the last month of the pre-sales campaign, the price will be set at USD 0.75, in anticipation of the advantageous listing on the decentralized trading platforms.


In the first quarter of 2022, the smart contract will transition to the public sale stage on a series of international trading platforms. NEOT has a total token supply of 250 Mn. units, which will be equitably distributed in order to support the project. NeoTech provides a detailed Whitepaper to investors, who can access it on the platform website.


Doru Borșan, CEO NeoTech, has stated: ”It is our vision that, by means of this token, we can provide smart investment opportunities for both Romanian as well as Global investors. We see a clear trend towards digitization and smart city development, which accelerated exponentially as the world adapts to the current challenges we are all facing. Surely, blockchain technology, applied to Smart City digitization solutions, will revolutionize the way in which our communities will continue to develop.”


The NEOT smart contract was created to offer real market utility. Going forward, it will be used to purchase Smart Cities Technologies SE services (in Romania through the NeoTech City branch), a company active in the smart city digital technologies and artificial intelligence fields. The short and medium term plans include integrating NFT (non-fungible tokens) technologies that are developed internally, launching an integrated platform including a digital wallet, as well as a proprietary exchange that will enable trading the entire spectrum of the created technologies.


Ioan Gâf Deac, Smart City Strategy Expert has stated: “‘Smart city’ projects and technologies are a top priority, not just for Romania, but for the entire World. The current global turmoil has accelerated digitization and we can easily reference more and more public and private sector players that are developing and implementing creatively-intelligent ecosystems as we speak. We are part of a global network, with access to projects and funding in the Billions of Euros. Romania is a clearly aligned participant to this system and I salute NEOT, the first cryptocurrency with a powerful approach and a real utility towards great technologies which highly and beneficially impact so many communities locally as well as abroad.”


NeoTech Founder Doru Borșan is a Romanian businessman and was awarded the „CEO of the year” distinction at the Smart City Industry Awards in 2018. He started the Smart Cities Technologies SE company, headquartered in Munich, Germany, with a EUR 15 Mn. capital infusion. The company is focused on growth over the following medium term, as well as on expanding its operations at a global level. The need to implement Smart City digital technologies has become a priority of everyday life. For more information, access the platform and our social media networks.