Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets is an indispensable part of modern kitchen decoration, but when buying cabinets, you may not have the cabinet you like at the time, so you have to order a cabinet that you are satisfied with. You need to order it during the ordering process. What steps did it go through?

1. Sign an order, fully understand the market, and have a clear understanding of the product quality, service, strength and style of each cabinet manufacturer. After confirming the manufacturer, an order must be signed and the deposit must be paid in advance. This deposit will be returned after signing the contract.

2. Make an appointment. After signing the order, the customer can request the measurement designer to come to measure. Since designing a kitchen is a professional job, finding an experienced designer can get twice the result with half the effort.

3. To design the kitchen, it is necessary to have the customer, the survey designer, and the construction staff of the home improvement company plan the layout of the kitchen together and determine the location of the waterways, circuits, and electrical appliances. The measurement designer should provide waterway and circuit diagrams, and comply with the construction standards.

4. Design the cabinet, when the waterway, circuit and wall and floor tiles are all in place, measuring the accurate size can ensure that the stainless steel cabinet is tightly integrated.

5. Pay attention to whether there is enough space in the cooking area, washing area, storage area, and cooking area. Whether the height of the wall cabinet and the height of the countertop meet the ergonomics and actual needs of the cook. Whether the space outside the cabinet can guarantee normal operation requirements.

6. After signing the contract, after the design plan is determined, a supply contract must be signed, and the consumer must carefully analyze the contents of the contract.

7. Delivery and installation. The delivery and installation of cabinets are generally free. The manufacturer will make an appointment with the customer in advance according to the time agreed in the contract.

8. Acceptance inspection, a comprehensive inspection of the stainless steel cabinets, and the electrical appliances shall be inspected and accepted according to the manufacturer's commitment and relevant national standards. The balance shall be paid after acceptance.

9. After-sales service. The kitchen is a comprehensive space integrating water, electricity, and gas. After-sales service is very important. When signing the contract, it is best to clearly stipulate the warranty time and the time limit for customer questions. If the problem cannot be solved in time, the behavior of the manufacturer can be restrained.

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