Google has released a two-part summer update. It's the first Core Update for 2021 is in the works however, as the developers were unable to complete the entire process in one go the Core Update will be released in two sections.


The roll-out of the June 2021 update started on June 2 and the next installment is scheduled to release in the month of July 2021. Like always the Core Updates that are made to Google's algorithm for ranking apply to all markets and indexes. Find all the information and analysis of Google's summer of hot Core Updates for 2021 right here!

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Are we ready for a scorching summer of SEO? Google has announced a second update to their Core Search algorithm for 2021. They made a number of significant modifications to their search algorithm but they were unable to finish the work before the launch in June.


The initial Core Update 2021 is currently being distributed in two separate sections. The first one - the Core Update for June 2021 started on 2nd June and could take between two and three weeks.

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Google provided the details in the Google Social Media feed, SearchLiaison. The developers of Google SearchLiaison are at work on the remaining changes to be finalized, but are they are expected to be in force in July's Core Update:

As with all Google updates, the core updates are not targeted at particular types of sites or content. They are simply adjustments to Google's fundamental ranking algorithm.


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