Discussion on a Current Issue on a Pharmacological Agent

Antibiotics are the most common pharmacological agents that are used for the treatment of infections of different etiologies. Among a huge number of drugs, Zithromax holds the leading position in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Its use in the elimination of such diseases as rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, rhinopharyngitis, or common cold is very common, despite its minor use in these disorders. Zithromax is an antibiotic of a new generation of the macrolide class, the action of which is directed against bacteria. The early administration of the drug is a good prevention of more serious lower respiratory tract diseases, not only in adults but also in children of preschool age (Bacharier, 2015). The drug has unique pharmacokinetic characteristics, which distinguish it from other pharmacological agents of this group; however, some side effects question the rationality of its use.

The pricing policy of Zithromax is much higher than of other drugs. Nevertheless, doctors often choose it because it can be taken for a shorter period. This factor is important for patients who experience side effects from the drug. The usual course of treatment with Zithromax is about three to five days as compared to a 10-day course of taking other antibiotics. After taking the last dose, the therapeutic concentration lasts for the next 5-7 days (Ray, Murray, Hall, Arbogast, & Stein, 2012). Due to the high level of the chemical transformation of the drug in the body, Zithromax reduces the duration of treatment, bringing minimal side effects and affecting the pathogenic environment massively.

Studies have shown that Zithromax can be dangerous for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Scientists from Vanderbilt University conducted such research. For 14 years, they have analyzed the medical history of more than half a million patients and millions of prescriptions for various antibiotics. It turned out that patients that had taken Zithromax for five days died from cardiovascular diseases more often than those who had taken other or no drugs. This indicator was twice the figure for patients who used other drugs (Ray et al., 2012). Here, students may refer to the annotated bibliography writing service and get help with their essays.

When taking into consideration all pros and cons, one should understand that the benefits exceed risks; however, the need for additional research is evident. For now, doctors should pay particular attention to patients with heart disease when prescribing Zithromax.