If you asked most people if ping pong tables came in more than one size, they'd probably tell you no. But the surprising answer is there are different sizes – to allow some to fit into smaller spaces. But if you want to play seriously, a regulation size table with a new at proper height are crucial pieces of table tennis equipment. For anyone who enjoys playing at home and wants to improve, it's helpful to have a good quality table. You don't need to overspend either. Many experienced players and coaches remind table shoppers that excellent values exist in the moderate price range when you shop around.

While it's undoubtedly acceptable to gather information online and compare the features of various models, it's wise to visit a retailer in person and check out their table tennis tables. Or, if you can play at a local table tennis center, check out their tables and see which ones seem best for you. Most home players buy butterfly models that fold up and wheel away for storage. Your table will take up a lot of space when it's flat for playing, and you may need it out of the way when you need to use the room for other purposes. Folding tables also allow one player to take some practice volleys with one side folded up.

People who play table tennis well go out of their way to remind beginners about proper net height. It can cause many problems for you down the line if you play a lot at home on a table with a net at a non-standard height. Regulation height for table tennis nets is six inches or 15.25 centimeters. Be a stickler about it, and make sure you're always playing with a good net. Getting used to a different level will wreak havoc on your game when you finally play on a table with a standard net. Choose a screw-on model over a clip-on to be assured of a steadier net that holds up well during a lot of play.

Tables don't make or break great table tennis players, but they help in subtle ways. For example, most accomplished players add a spin to their shots. Having them land on a stable and level table surface that's in excellent condition does help. An inferior or worn-out table diminishes your experience of playing the game, and while it won't stop you, it will reduce the fun you'll have. When you're on a steady table with a regulation height net, you'll have a better chance to develop your skills and enjoy the game. Don't forget to strongly consider a folding model if you're buying a table for home.