The linen material in natural curtains tends to vary from grayish brown to milky white, and the depth of the color largely depends on the time and conditions of dipping. Linen fabric can be bleached to white or any stage between white and the original color. They are naturally brittle and have a natural luster that does not require starch. High-quality woven imitation linen fabric have a high value and may compete with many fabrics in price. When considering cost, it is important to consider its durability. It is not only an ideal choice for tailor-made curtains and blinds, but also an ideal choice for interior decoration.

Before ordering natural linen curtains, please make sure that all measurements have been taken to obtain the ideal size for the curtains. They beautifully filter light into any living space with soft neutral tones and rustic tulle texture. When handmade with antique buttonholes that are usually made of linen and lined with cotton, they create a casual and natural look. You will also find that they have other colors and sizes to blend with the current theme you have incorporated into the decor. Finish your room design with the tulle linen decoration on the curtains so that natural light and privacy make your home full of joy.

Linen curtains are used to create a spring atmosphere and evoke the warm and pleasant spring atmosphere. They are so versatile and can work properly in any space. They are very suitable for any style of decoration or large windows, and the fact that they are as attractive as other curtains or hanging fabrics. Unlike other materials, linen does not sag or stretch. This allows it to align well with super high windows that require full length curtains. White line curtains are very pleasant and can make your house appear brighter and brighter, thus invigorating.

When used with other household items, they can complement any other color perfectly. In addition to natural dyeing, they also have anti-mold properties, making them an excellent choice for any family. The fabric is made of completely natural materials and is environmentally friendly. Unlike cotton, linen fabric is three times stronger and has a longer service life. This means they can stand the test of time without frequent replacement. You can always find colors and designs that suit your preferences.