Eve Online's multiplayer first-person shooter shooter derivative project has been cancelled by CCP Games, and FPS is still under development. CCP Games' Eve Online first-person shooter shooter derivative game codename is Project Nova. This EVE Echoes ISK project has been living in a difficult situation, and now it is finally over.

Project Nova, the Eve Online multiplayer game derivative project, was supposed to undergo a closed alpha test in November 2018, but now CCP Grendel has announced that it will be permanently closed. The developers found that the game did not proceed as expected, and the gameplay was not satisfactory. After referring to the player feedback in the focus group and research meeting, it was decided to close.

The "Rising Star Project" is gone, but the company has not split the championship title. CCP London wants a different Eve Online multiplayer game project to replace Project Nova.

For the time being, CCP London has reserved detailed information about the game being developed. CCP Grendel stated on a Reddit post that it will try to avoid announcing internal project codes until the game has made enough progress for official disclosure. The company is also very low-key, in order to reduce unnecessary disappointment, such projects will be reorganized or closed.

In 2016, CCP Games existed as the spiritual successor of DUST 514 in 2013. For the first time, a multiplayer first-person shooter game was created in the world of Eve Online. This is a game that is compatible with Eve and allows players in Dust 514 to perform aerial strikes from its Eve Online spacecraft. This is a very exciting game.For players, whether he is a novice or an old player, EVE Echoes ISK is what they need most in the game. Because of EVE Echoes ISK, players can experience the game better. Therefore, players can purchase a very cheap EVE Echoes ISK on a https://www.mmowts.com/eve-echoes-isk website with 24-hour online customer service.

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