Can EA please explain the Mut 21 coins reason why they took this stuff out of the sport in online H2H: Assess stats, background, cumulative stats, scouting, weather, challenges, and capacity to save depth charts? And after they explain, please place them back in!

I feel for you guys that encounter shit like this, as humorous as it is to see. I've yet to encounter anything this egregious.Wow this really is an amazing onside kick gameplay really original and I'd really like to see it utilized in the NFL.

So you don't know whether you realize how folks hate this game and you are asking us? Hard to tell, buddy.

It is full so many glitches. There were so many glitches on my pc madden it crashed and the computer did not return on.Ehh I only played since I've origin pro. It's likely all the missing features that people despise but then again yeah that is EA for ya.

This sport produces so many golden moments and I am grateful for those who forfeit their hard earned money to bring them to us.Irrespective of the kick. . .Madden did not even update the principles which the kicking team has to be aligned 1 yard from the chunk.

Nope, I haven't bought it since cheap Madden 21 coins. I grew tired of not being able to build both my team along with the Packers (my favourite group ) up and going toe to toe together. That was my favourite thing to do in Madden during the 360 days.