Like we mentioned earlier, woven imitation linen fabric is a popular fabric for use in bedding and sheets because it’s comfortable, durable, soft, and dries easily. Not only that, but because linen fibers are rather porous, they’re excellent conductors of heat, making them warm, cozy, and comfortable for use in bedding.

In addition, linen is quite lightweight, which makes it perfect all year round. Linen naturally keeps your warm during the winter months, and it’s moisture-wicking properties help to keep you dry and cool in the warmer months.

Along with its use in bedding materials, you might even find linen fabric used in your window treatments and even bandages – and that’s because linen is great at filtering light and filtering germs!

Linen Is Antibacterial

We can’t forget that one of the biggest benefits of linen is that it is entirely antibacterial. This means that harmful bacteria and other germs have a difficult time surviving within the fine and closely woven fibers, making linen a highly desirable fabric.

Linen Can Be Washed

Like cotton, linen can also be washed quite easily. Feel free to hand wash your linens or toss them into the washing machine. Pay close attention to shrinking, because that can sometimes happen with linen. But other than that, it’s a durable, strong, and comfortable fabric that you’ll certainly get years of use out of!

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