Gaming tables are essential furniture products for Internet cafes, Internet cafes, and e-sports hotels. Dingli, as a professional gaming table company, is bringing you a dedicated gaming table product for Internet cafes today. If you are interested, please continue to look down.

feature of product:

This Internet cafe dedicated gaming table adopts a simple and neat square frame design, which can be easily integrated into the Internet cafe environment. The table legs with pulley design are easy and convenient to transfer. The emptied compartment makes the table more tidy and clean.

Design highlights:

Work and life are always inseparable, so every bit of work must fit your mind. Of course, working at home is more comfortable and comfortable. This Internet cafe gaming table is not only suitable for Internet cafes and Internet cafes, but also a good choice for home gaming tables. It uses the collision of wood and metal to bring a full and leisurely style, so that the pressure of work can be relieved, and it also meets the ingenious use of modern home space. The simple and neat square frame of the gaming table, the lines are straightforward and crisp, and the geometric structure brings firm support. The unobstructed flat table top and the intimate storage compartment make your table more tidy and clean, and make you feel more happy and relaxed.

Material workmanship:

Good design must know how to combine many ways, and good furniture must also be flexible. This dedicated gaming table for Dingli Internet cafes not only has a simple and elegant appearance, but also has a streamlined structure. The baffle attached with a fine quadrilateral grid not only brings the safety of the housed objects, but also welcomes the stylish and chic aesthetics. The compartment design with pine wood shelves on the side provides a flexible space where objects that are not related to the use of games are placed, allowing guests to surf the Internet more freely. The natural and simple table top and compartment, coupled with the roller design and adjustable feet, are not afraid to cater to a variety of family layouts.

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