Tackling has taken a good step forward in the current version, and there are signs that the game's Madden 21 Coins will also be improved in the next generation.

The main concern is a concept called "pull tracking". The following is EA’s evaluation of this part of the game: "We have established a new tackle prediction and prediction technology called "Rally". With the help of rally, you can not only start the tackle interaction easily, but also see the tackle There is more variety, and the visual quality of tackles is improved. Preparation and anticipation, as well as more realistic interactions at the moment of impact. "I hope to see some improvements in preventing artificial intelligence. on the way. Maybe this is a post-release update, or Madden 22.

I have been hoping EA will improve their injury reports in Madden for many years, especially in the franchise model. Unfortunately, although it never happened in the NFL, you will see the same complete injury diagnosis in the middle of the game.

Over the years, EA has been criticized for its tedious halftime games in a franchise model, and unless there is a last-minute appearance, the Madden NFL 21 Coins part of the game does not seem to have changed. EA launched the highlights of its new demo elements on Monday, and there is no sign that their halftime performance has been updated.

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