The team that developed the mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes is actively communicating with the gaming community in order to commemorate the first month of the project’s existence. The studio released a video specifically to answer player questions and future plans.

For existing functions, developers are conducting a series of optimizations. In response to the feedback and game data collected in the past few weeks, the developers began to conduct in-depth research on the EVE Echoes ISK company's app list and more stable company wallet permissions.

Company hangar logs are another popular topic. For the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK team, its transferred projects with a huge amount of history are a very difficult challenge. Developers need more time to find a good solution to deal with this problem. The fleet size and alliance size will increase according to actual conditions. According to preliminary calculations, the fleet size will reach 50 pilots and the alliance size will reach 30.

They also collected opinions from new players in order to improve the training system. For simulated battles, the developers believed that some information about the modules and ship assembly was imparted to the young ballast crew. But it is only their preliminary idea.

Players will also complain. While they think the missile is too powerful, they have few blueprints for drones. They hope that these problems can be resolved as soon as possible. But developers worry about the possible consequences, they are afraid of threats to the game balance and the entire ecosystem.

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In November, EVE Echoes will undergo a major update. The design team discussed the level of the team. Many factions have their own military systems. Compared with the real world, they are almost the same. In the game EVE Echoes, players will encounter many problems. But how to solve the problem? Have you ever thought that after players have enough EVE Echoes ISK, many problems are not a problem. So players can buy on the guaranteed MMOWTS.