Visit these Places before they Cease to Exist Real Soon.

The Endgame Commences

While we plan to visit a few destinations forever, the opportunity may slip by as they will soon cease to exist. Natural calamities inflicted on some places may force the entire site to collapse within a few years to come by, hence make the most of the time you have and visit the destination near extinction. 

If you plan to visit some destination before this year ends in agony and sadness all around due to the Pandemic, do plan your trip itinerary revolving around these places. Make your Volaris flight tickets reservations and get discounted offers and deals and travel in luxury. 

Now is the Time to Visit these Places before their extinction

  • Jordan's Dead Sea

The Dead Sea of Jordan will be dead soon, isn’t it ironic? Well, the reality is yes, it is going to go extinct soon, and there is nothing we can do, apart from visiting the sea and relishing the last few glimpses of the beautiful water body. The famous Salt Lake is bordered with Jordan to the east, Israel to the west, and West Bank to the west. The mesmerizing lake has not long allowed visitors to float on its water and observe its curative properties. Still, now gradually, the lake is disappearing due to rapidly falling water level every year. The emergence of Sinkhole is also a worrying point for the government, as mother nature is gradually destroying the natural wonder. So before it disappears, visit this place and make the most of your trip. 

  • South America’s Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest is home to 20% of bird species and several undiscovered flora and fauna. It is covering significant parts of Brazil, Peru, Columbia, and some South American countries. The forest is famed for its crisscrossed rivers and extensive biodiversity growing yearly. 

Amazon Rainforest has been in the news for several years, majorly due to the fires’ outbreak, destroying biodiversity. Apart from the natural calamities, Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed by humans with its increasing mining, deforestation, and much more to add. Although the forest is quite dense and people are still trying to identify unknown fauna, now it looks like a dream to the scientists and the world alike, as the forest is gradually moving towards its end. So before it is registered in the books as an extinct rainforest, visit the beautiful site for future memories. 

  • Greece’s Olympia

I stopped myself from feeling a sting of annoyance and depression when I read that Olympia, the historical land of Greece, will be extinct in the coming years. Well, it does not come as a surprise as the land was in the news for several years now for its major fire outbreak due to extensive heat and reduced rainfall. The land that had witnessed the first Olympic games ever and its archeological forts and monuments that were once declared as the World heritage site by UNESCO is now gradually dying. Well, the site itself is a calming destination for those looking to spend a day or two away from the city’s hustle-bustle. So do not miss the chance to fly to this destination by making your Lufthansa Flight Booking today. 

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