1. Firstly, heating the connection of Single Screw Barrel and the head of the storage cylinder above to normal process temperature.

The plastic material in the barrel is basically extruded clean.

Then remove the bolt of connection, heater, and connection wiring.

Remove the cooling water pipe of the feeding section, automatic feeding device, the motor, and connection wiring of the extruder.

2. Loosen the fastening bolt connecting the feeding section.

Remove the connection bolt of the coupling reducer and the frame of equipment.

Back the reducer. Because the reducer is heavy, so you can use a hydraulic jack to push the reducer back. And release it from the screw.

After the connection between the screw and the connecting sleeve is tighter, during ejection, we can install a special screw remove tool in the other side of the reducer connection screw head to eject the screw.

When reducer connection sleeves fully detached from the screw, the reducer can be lifted off the equipment frame.

3. Hang down the screw and barrel smoothly.

For large screws, the hoisting of the barrel can be smoothly lifted down by the method of combining the crane with the workshop operation.

Pay attention to the coordination of each other’s movements when hoisting.

4. Heating the barrel that has been lifted down.

Remove the relative connection parts and screws.

At present, most of the blow molding machine manufacturers mostly use parts replacement repair.

The spare screw and barrel can be ready for hoisting after the relevant connecting parts are installed.

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