The transition from high school to college life is quite tricky. New friends, new environment, a completely different lifestyle. Yes, it takes some time to adjust but trust the process. When you feel overwhelmed with school work, try taking assistance from services like philosophy essay help.

Freshman life is all about exploring your options. Join a new club or get a cheap membership. Try on a new job like providing assignment help to fellow high school students.

Yes, there is a whole guide on how you can  

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· Take on some responsibility  

Once you start gaining friends, you'll want to start doing exciting activities with your new group. Try planning trips and make your life adventures.

Since nothing comes for free, getting a job is a brilliant idea. Try getting a job at any local shop or work in the school library.

● Try to get along with your roommates

Since you'll be sharing a residence with others, you must get along with your roommates. There are some gruesome tales about dorm roommates, as well as some wonderful ones.

Make a list of things you like and have in common with your roommate. Then, be realistic and follow it.

● Explore more with each passing day

Isolation will only worsen if you keep yourself cooped up in your room. College can be lonely, especially in your first year.

 Try studying in the library or famous student spots. Talk to new people and increase your network.

● Don't rush home every time you have a problem

There are so many problems you will face when you start living alone. But try solving it on your own first. For example, if you have issues with assignments, try investing in services like philosophy coursework helpIf you are having roommate problems, talk it out.

The primary goal of any college student should be to enjoy life. Be carefree. Remember, college is your time. You can be anyone you want to be.

See if you can improve your situation by adopting a more optimistic outlook. Be prepared for the second year. Things will get easier with time.